“Frequency trumps technique!”  This statement is one that time and time again is proven correct when it comes to acupuncture.  First we need some background to explain what this really means.  Frequency of treatments is one of the most important factors to determine how quickly a person can benefit from acupuncture treatments.  At Living Room Community Acupuncture Clinic in Downtown Miami we treat on a sliding scale to help everyone afford the treatments they need.  Does this mean that going to the old gray haired chinese master acupuncturist that you have heard can perform miracles in one treatment is a bad idea. Of course not!  Every acupuncturist has had amazing treatments where long standing issues have been resolved in just one treatment, but most of the time it requires repetition.  The longer you’ve had the problem the more treatments you will probably need.

Because Living Room Community Acupuncture makes it affordable to receive acupuncture treatments I have many patients who end up at my clinic because they could not afford ongoing treatments at their former acupuncturist office.  In fact, most patients become regulars after we take care of their symptoms because they find that treatments can be so rejuvenating on so many levels while still remaining affordable.

There is a usual pattern that I observe at the acupuncture clinic.  A patient comes in for the first time and I will usually recommend repeating the treatments 2-3 times a week, especially in the first weeks.  Because I am located in Downtown Miami not all patients can come into the city with that frequency so they make their appointment for the following week.  I almost always hear them tell me that they felt great for about 3 days and then the symptoms started to come back, but not as bad as they were originally.  At this point they almost always say, “Dr. Perez, now I understand why you wanted me to come in 3 times a week.”  Some patients will make the effort to increase their visits and some simply can’t make it to the clinic with that frequency.  We still try to help everyone, it just takes longer for those who don’t come in as often.

Before I opened the acupuncture clinic in Miami I thought long and hard about different locations.  I eventually chose Downtown Miami for several reasons.  First, more people live and work in downtown than any other area.  It’s also quite easy to get into downtown via public transportation as well as find parking near the clinic.  If repetition is they key to success with acupuncture then I needed to be close to the people.  So if you live or work in Downtown Miami and are looking for an acupuncture clinic, look no further.   If you haven’t yet tried acupuncture, what are you waiting for?

Dr. Rafael Perez AP
Acupuncture Physician and Chinese Herbalist
Living Room Acupuncture