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Acupunture is Safe and Effective!

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Traditional Chinese Medicine Supports a Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is joyous and exciting time. However, expectant mothers also experience some negative symptoms, such as headache, sleep disturbances and hemorrhoids that can be alleviated safely and naturally through Traditional Chinese Medicine. Acupuncture restores your body energy and promotes fetal growth and development.

First Trimester: Pregnancy Week 4-12

This is the most crucial segment of the pregnancy as fertilization occurs. A successful pregnancy continues with the implantation of the fertilized egg on the wall of the uterus. The primitive organs of the embryo including the heart and the nervous system form during this stage. Acupuncture is very important at this stage as it helps in embryo development and alleviates symptoms such as morning sickness and fatigue.

Second Trimester Pregnancy Week 12-24

In this stage, the embryo’s development accelerates very rapidly. The embryo can be seen in an ultrasound and the sex can be identified. The mother’s body responds to changes that can be accompanied by stressing symptoms like fatigue, high blood pressure, dizziness, nausea, gestational diabetes, leg cramps, oedema, etc. Acupuncture can alleviate these symptoms with one or two treatments per month.

Third Trimester: Pregnancy Week 24-36

The baby’s development is nearing completion as the baby can breathe, sleep and wake. Common complaints during this period are insomnia, back and pelvic pain, heartburn, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and many other symptoms.

Pre-Birth: Pregnancy Week 36-40

The body begins to prepare for delivery around week 36. Frequently, we treat breach and posterior position or other malposition of fetus and place the baby in the best position for delivery. Acupuncture to prepare the body for delivery, ripen the cervix for easier passage of the baby, and improve energy and stamina levels necessary for a healthy labor.

A New Zealand study found that acupuncture reduced the number

of inductions in first pregnancies by 43 % and subsequent pregnancies by 35 %

Labor and Delivery Week 40

The baby is fully developed and ready to make an appearance! Acupuncture aids the body by naturally supporting the labor initiation and progression process. We use a combination of acupuncture and acupressure for pain relief and other problems throughout labor and delivery.

Postpartum Recovery Week 40-46

Now it’s time to recover and restore the balance of Qi (the body’s natural healing energy). The new mother might experience some unpleasant issues including aching, numbness and heaviness of the extremities, mood swings including depression, and fatigue. Acupuncture not only brings relief quickly, without any medications, but, also aids in milk production and addresses postpartum issues.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a safe and natural way to insure you have a happy, healthy pregnancy.

Acupuncture Is

  • Safe

  • Affordable

  • Effective

  • Painless

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